Helping High School Students Upgrade Their Future!  Celebrating our 15th year, Student Life Expo is Canada’s largest education and lifestyle event for Graduating High School Students ages 16-18.

Over 700,000 students have attended Student Life Expo since its inception.

Why Students Attend:

  • A key opportunity for graduating high school students to gather information on the many options available for post secondary education from leading institutions in Ontario and across Canada.
  • Features products and services of value and interest to students presented by our education, government and corporate sponsors via interactive exhibits.
  • Exhibitors and sponsors share our vision to inspire, inform, enable, educate and entertain these young Canadians as they prepare for their post-secondary careers.

The mission of Student Life Expo is to help students

Learn, be Inspired, have Fun, and Explore.

Learn about the choices ahead;

Inspire them about their future;

in a Fun and entertaining setting;

while helping them Explore the many options

available at this pivotal time in their LIFE.

• Universities
• Colleges
• Industry Associations
• Government Agencies
• Travel
• Banking
• Career
• Technology
• Entertainment
• Packaged Goods
• Health & Beauty