We convert tryers into buyers by distributing your samples to the Right Target at the Right Time, and the Right Place to make the Right First Impression for your brand.

We’ve made a study of what your target is doing and where your target is going, and specialize in establishing unique distribution channels. One of our strengths is in developing win/win partnership synergies whereby your sampling objectives align with a partner’s desire to gift their customers. We strongly believe that sampling should surprise and delight consumers because it creates an unexpected and sincere moment of appreciation, which establishes a deeper connection, impact, and memorable experience with the brand, ultimately maximizing conversion.

We have developed two proprietary frameworks for executing and managing strategic sampling programs through select and qualified retail channels: R.E.C.A.P. (Retail & Event Customer Appreciation Program), and C.B.P.N. (Campus Bookstore Promotions Network)

Retail & Event Customer Appreciation Programs  (R.E.C.A.P.TM) is our proprietary framework for partnering with major national retail chains to develop and execute in-store cross promotions and product sampling.

Pumped has an expertise in developing win/win relationships between packaged good brands and national retail chains.

Our process, training, logistics and measurement practices effectively convert our retail partner’s customer appreciation initiatives into highly effective and cost efficient sampling programs for our clients. Everybody wins – the retailer, the packaged good brand, and most importantly, the customer.

These programs are all about surprising and delighting customers with a free sample at an unexpected place and time (point of sale), which leads to higher awareness, trial and conversion.

Campus Bookstore Promotions Network (C.B.P.N.TM) is a proprietary network of over 60 Campus Bookstores across Canada.  C.B.P.N. provides the ability to deliver in-store and on-campus promotional programs through this prevalent and high traffic access point on campus.

Place your product samples and promotions directly into the hands of 45% of Canada’s University and College Students! C.B.P.N. offers many in-store promotional opportunities including one-on-one sampling and promotions at P.O.S., special events, coupons, contests and more. Our service also includes the ability to broker new product listings in campus bookstores.

Target: Tightly targeted to university and college students ages 17-22.

Market: National scope with ability to choose specific markets and/or campuses.

Method: Samples handed out one-on-one at university and college bookstore check out counters during rush.

Timing: Distribution peaks in first 2-3 weeks of January and September with further opportunities in October and March.

• Chobani
• Allan’s Candy
• Toronto Star
• Kraft
• Saputo

• Gillette
• Oral-B
• Kleenex
• Axe
• Dove
• Aspirin Express
• Jack Links

• Rogers Publishing
• Unilever
• Johnson & Johnson
• Colgate
• Kimberly Clark
• Toronto Star

• Gillette
• Axe
• Hershey’s
• Wrigley’s
• Allan’s Candy