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JOHN DEBONO - President, Co-Founder [READ BIO]


NICOLE DAHDALY- Senior Account Executive

JOANNE SEVILLA - Office Manager


John is a Toronto native, and a champion of lateral thinking. Despite many similarities, he is not related to the acclaimed management consultant and author Dr. Edward Debono, famous for his writings on “Non-Linear Thinking” and “Out of the Box” business solutions. The main difference between John and this other Debono guy is that Edward only WRITES about management and problem solving issues – John lives and works it.

John is no slouch at writing, but he’s an absolute master at MAKING THINGS HAPPEN and DOING WHAT IT TAKES! He’s an exceptionally conscientious and capable operations pro who is as equally at home brainstorming and planning strategy with clients as he is with developing an execution plan and working with his team to bring the program to life and a successful conclusion.

John honed many of his operations and management skills at Clegg Campus Marketing who hired him full time after he completed his studies at Ryerson. Over his 14 year career at Clegg, John kept on adding Marketing and Sales responsibilities to his Operations, Telemarketing and Intercept Event management duties and John played a major role in helping the company grow fivefold. He was promoted to Vice President Marketing & Sales in early 2000.

Tours of duty include launching a 25 seat telemarketing department from scratch; building and maintaining a National Billboard Network, organizing a half million unit national co-op sampling program from concept and sell in through packing/shipping/distribution; planning and executing major market tactical intercept and event marketing blitzes, media sales, sales team management, custom sampling programs, and more. This explains why the phrase “let John do it” is a management strategy that follows Debono around, wherever he goes.

John makes his home in Port Perry, with his wife and daughter and foster kids, and always keeps his tools and hockey equipment bag in his car, just in case a buddy needs help with tiling, plumbing or dry walling or someone puts out the call for an extra defenseman with a wicked shot.